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    I was supposed to meet them at this bar, Cane’s, a place where, when I was younger, old weathered men with weathered skin in denim and in flannels predominantly red and blue used to gather during the day, and presumably not disperse until it retreated and returned. Now those men were gone, dead or moved on, and all that remained of the interior of their former haunt was a barely usable dartboard, tucked away in the corner by the bathrooms, and beside that a framed, black and white picture of a woman sitting on the hood of a car with a man standing beside her, each looking at the other, not at the camera, not at us. The back of the frame was home to a number of names and numbers in columns and rows–scores–surprisingly legible, even when drunk, that we sometimes competed with. The rest of the place had been stripped down and cleaned, stylized into simple necessity, and now we drank tequila and whiskey there with people our age, often in flannel and denim, but more colors.

    And I was running late because Jeigh had wanted to have sex again before we left, which was fine and great, but then we had to shower, and she only showers alone and she was rushing to make a dinner, so she went first. By the time I finished my three-minute room-temperature wash-and-rinse she was gone, and I was an hour late. I wasn’t sure if they would still be there, or if they had moved on, but I headed over for a drink regardless.

    It was still early, around nine, and the weather was nice. I rode my bike down empty Wednesday streets, too late and too early to have much company. Palms wrestled and whispered above and around me as I pedaled toward the beach. Cats were running these streets, sitting on cars and walls and trash cans, letting me pass. I nodded, and made my way.

    I locked up out front of the place and walked in and over to their table. They both looked at me while talking to each other, and continued their conversation as I sat down.

    "You know what I think about her? I think that she has good shoulders under her head."

    "Ha. Maybe dude. But she’s lovesick. Romantic. I mean, every time she’s around a deck of cards she takes the two of hearts. Seriously. A couple weeks ago Sam saw at least ten when she knocked over her purse."

    "Well, that’s what he says."

    "I’m just saying."

    "Jesus. When did everybody start masturbating in public?"


    "You know what I mean."

    "I don’t–"

    "Caspar, what do you think of Blaire?"

    "I remember you used to call her a ‘dumb ram doll’ for a while whenever you saw her after she turned you down last year, which was kind of fucked up," I said. "Why? You haven’t given up?"

    "I succeeded," Nate said, and smiled.

    "They fucked last night, and now he has a crush on her," John said. "It was taco tuesday man, not dinner and a movie. You were both drunk."

    "Alright," Nate said. "Anyway."

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    It’s not about being better than other people
    It’s about being better to other people

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    What do you want? Ha, Okay! What do you think you want? It looks like you’re thinking too much about this. It isn’t complicated. Ha, Okay! It doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to think yourself down a hole. Look! The sun is out! The sky is blue! Lets go for a drive. Pick a song, make a playlist. Roll down the windows. Let the weather happen to you. Let your feelings happen to you. Turn your brain down. Simplify this–it’s simple! Smile–it will make you smile! BE happy, and you’ll be happy.

    Read a book in the grass at the park. Play volleyball in the sand at the beach. Go swimming anywhere you can, and let the sun dry you off. Take your shoes off whenever you can. Drink water, eat fruit, BBQ with friends and family, sit around a fire as the day falls into night around you. Tell stories, make memories. Stay up late once in a while. Sleep in once in a while.

    When you work, work hard, and be proud of that when you’re finished, and then reward yourself in small, good ways. Be humble, say thank you. Hold doors open for people. Let people go ahead of you. Slow down. Breathe, and look around.

    You’re alive! Act like it. Be good to yourself, and be good to those around you.

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    Pokemon Snap at work today! (at Greenwood Beer Garden)

    Pokemon Snap at work today! (at Greenwood Beer Garden)

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    I love lamp

    I love lamp

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    Bathroom Series #3 (at South Slope, Brooklyn)

    Bathroom Series #3 (at South Slope, Brooklyn)

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    And I’m on my third drink, my third whiskey–and I haven’t been much for whiskey lately, because tequila has been good and fun to me out here under all these palm trees–but it, the whiskey, it has brought all my weight down into my legs, and we’re seated and settled in when the band invites somebody up onto the stage. She’s pretty. She has a pretty, round face and dirty blonde, slightly curly hair. She’s wearing lipstick, which I don’t normally like. She moves the mic off to the side and stands there for a few moments. She looks like something.

    And then she opens her mouth, and my heart drops like a runaway elevator, and I’m afraid and shook and suddenly aware of some previous, immense malnourishment. The horns kick in behind her after a minute, and along with the whiskey they bring everything into focus, and it’s all all I need.

    — But Hey You’re Alright (via garetjhanson)
  8. 11:03 21st May 2014

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    not writing is harder than writing

    in the same way that

    not loving is harder than loving

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    hey there, thanks!

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    drunk conversations

    with men smoking cigarettes

    outside of bars

    after 2 am 

    and there are people

    sleeping around

    us talking about

    the beatles